Personal Plant Shopper

Want to add some plants to your landscape but don't know where to begin? Whether you need to update a planter area or start from scratch, we can help you save time AND money! Our licensed Contractor will be your personal shopper, guiding you through the sea of plants, shrubs, and trees at the nursery.

How it works

Our Contractor will meet you at a preferred nursery and spend 2 hours with you to discuss plants that will enhance your landscape and fit your lifestyle. Don't want a bunch of leaves falling in the yard to constantly pick up? Want fragrant plants or plants that repel mosquitoes? Maybe you just want to add a pop of color? In the 2 hours at the nursery our Contractor will find out these questions and more, help pick out the plants, and help prepare the order. You will also receive any Contractor discounts as available. You, the client, are responsible for the purchase and delivery of the plants to your property.

Cost:$225.00 for the first two hours, $45.00 for each additional 30 minutes. Payment is due at the beginning of the nursery meeting, pay by cash, PayPal, or credit card.

Don't want to plant all those beautiful plants you just bought?

Let our professional team plant them for you! Our Contractor will determine how many hours it will take to plant the order. This may include a site visit to determine the ground conditions and if additional material may be need, such as soil amendment, weed barrier cloth, and mulch. If this material is needed, it will be included in the estimate.

‚ÄčCost:$110.00 per hour for planting labor only, includes team of two - three on site (depending on project size).

Ready to get your plant shopping done?

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